Keep your mobile number

Keeping your number is easy

It only takes a few steps:

1. Buy a Warehouse Mobile SIM.

2. Dial 800 to activate it.

3. Register for, or log into My Warehouse Mobile and follow the simple steps and we’ll do the rest. In up to 2 business days (but usually faster) your number will be on our network.

Currently on Prepay?

We need your existing SIM’s serial number, it’s printed on the back of your old SIM card. This is typically 12 to 18 digits long depending on your previous mobile provider:

Coming from Vodafone? We are after 12 digits, if you've got 16 digits printed on your Vodafone SIM then you should only give us the last 12 digits (that means ignoring the first 4 digits which should be 6401).

Moving from another network? Typically there will be 17 or 18 digits.

Currently on account/pay monthly?

We need your existing providers account number, it can be found on your monthly bill. Make sure your old account is active when submitting your number transfer request.

Once you have come over, make sure you contact your previous mobile carrier to stop those pay monthly bills. You will need to make that call, sorry we can’t help you there.