SIM cards

New SIM needed? If you have Lost your phone or SIM, changed phones, or have a faulty SIM Card, then in 2 easy steps we can get you up and running.

1. Get a blank SIM

You can keep your original number and credit that you had on your old SIM by getting a new blank SIM. You just need to come into store and get yourself a blank SIM (not a standard Warehouse Mobile SIM), and we'll move your existing account onto it.

  • A blank SIM costs $4. Once you have this SIM, call us back to arrange moving your number and any remaining credit over.
  • Faulty SIM? If your current SIM is faulty we'll replace it with a blank SIM free. Pick one up from a Warehouse Store, or if you purchased online and are unable to get to a store, either call us on 0800 733 665 or send us an email.

2. Call us

Call us on 0800 284 800 to transfer your existing account to the new SIM

– Lost or Stolen - Call us first on 0800 284 800 so we can make sure your account is suspended (if you haven't already done this you can do it here) - to prevent anyone using your credit.

3. Contacts

To import contact information from your SIM card it is best if you import all SIM contacts on your older existing handset and then follow the below steps.

Gmail: To import your contacts from Gmail you can either import using iTunes or simply setup your Gmail account on your iPhone. Your contacts, calendar and email will then sync across automatically.

Other handsets: Most handsets either come with or have available for download sync software which will allow you to move information between your handset and Microsoft Outlook you will need to install this software, sync your old phone then follow the below steps for synchronising with Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook: Open iTunes, and with your iPhone connected select your iPhone/Info and Check the Sync Contacts box, then select where your contacts are stored from the dropdown box e.g. Windows Contacts or Outlook Contacts). You can also select Sync Calendars/Mail Accounts if needed.


Start typing the name of the country you're looking for.


Can I call a satellite phone?
You can call or text people with satellite phones, these rates are:

Satellite Calls




$12.00 a min

$2.00 per text


$12.00 a min

$2.00 per text

Roaming rates

Start typing the name of the country you're looking for.


Calls: are per minute (part mins are rounded up to the nearest minute).

Text : are per text.

Data charges are rounded up to the nearest 8kb then rounded to the nearest full cent. Minimum 1c charge per session.

If the country you're looking for is not listed you may not currently be able to use your Warehouse Mobile there. This list can change, so check back the next time you travel.

Topping Up

It's best to top up with plenty of credit to see you through your trip, but if you need to top up abroad you can top up online with your credit card through My Warehouse Mobile, or call +64 284 800 800 to do it over the phone. Roaming calls to this number will be charged as per the rates shown in the table.

Connection issues?

Set your network mode to 'Auto'. If you're experiencing connection issues then make sure your Network search mode is on 'Auto' which is found under 'Settings' and then 'Network' on your phone (or 'Carrier' on iPhones). If this doesn't fix the issue, then remove your phone battery (iPhone users power off) for 1 minute if you still can't connect.

The USA or Canada can be a little different

North American mobile networks run on 850MHz and 1900MHz, so check your phone will run on one of these before you hop on the plane.

Calling Customer Care or your voicemail whilst overseas is charged on a per-minute basis like any other international call.

Want to access Voicemail abroad?

What if Voicemail doesn't work abroad?

Please note not all overseas carriers will support voicemail/call forwarding. To cancel call forwarding simply dial ##004#. Your message service will then operate as normal when you arrive back in New Zealand without incurring any cost.

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Can I call a satellite phone?
Want to access Voicemail abroad?
What if voicemail doesn’t work abroad?
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