How do I Top up?

There are loads of ways to top up on Warehouse Mobile:

Online Top Up:

Register or Login at My Warehouse Mobile to Top up using a NZ Credit Card or Visa Debit Card.

Warehouse Mobile app:
Download the Warehouse Mobile app for Android here

Auto Top Up:
Take the hassle out of having to buy a voucher every time you want to top up by visiting My Warehouse Mobile and registering your credit card to set-up a Monthly Auto Top Up – simply tell us the day of the month and how much you'd like to top up each month and we'll set your top up to recur each month. Easy.

Top Up Voucher in store:
Buy a Top Up Voucher in over 150 The Warehouse or Warehouse Stationery stores, or from over 8000 locations where you see the Warehouse mobile logo, including dairies, petrol stations.

Phone top up:
Free call 801 from your Warehouse Mobile, and have a Credit/Debit Card or voucher ready.

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