How do I transfer/copy/sync my contacts over to my new iPhone?

There are a number of different ways to move you contacts from your old handset to an iPhone, these are dependent on where you store your contacts currently: SIM card:
To import contact information from your SIM card it is best if you import all SIM contacts on your older existing handset and then follow the below steps. Gmail:
To import your contacts from Gmail you can either import using iTunes or simply setup your Gmail account on your iPhone. Your contacts, calendar and email will then sync across automatically. Other handsets:
Most handsets either come with or have available for download sync software which will allow you to move information between your handset and Microsoft Outlook you will need to install this software, sync your old phone then follow the below steps for synchronising with Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Outlook:
Open iTunes, and with your iPhone connected select your iPhone/Info and Check the Sync Contacts box, then select where your contacts are stored from the dropdown box e.g. Windows Contacts or Outlook Contacts). You can also select Sync Calendars/Mail Accounts if needed.
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