I am having problems receiving and sending international text messages what do I do?

It could be that international network provider is not in our global network. Unlike calls, text messages require every network around the world to 'turn on' new operators. It's a bit like connecting up the lines. There are a couple of trouble-shooting options you could try:

1. Try a hard reset of the phone. To do this, take the battery out while the phone is still going, leave it out for 20 seconds, and then pop the battery in and turn the phone on. Try sending a test text to someone who hasn't been able to send you text messages.

2. Go into the Text Message Options to look for “Service Centre number” or “Message Service Centre” and make sure this is set to +64 22 022 7672. This is usually under: Menu > Messages > Message settings.

3. Call barring could affect sending and receiving text messages. Try dialling #35*0000# and #333*0000# to deactivate all incoming and outgoing call barring.

4. Check that you have coverage on your phone when you're sending the text, and see if the person you're getting the text from can confirm there are no network outages at their end.

5. Try the SIM card in another phone and see if the same thing happens. If it does, there's a problem with the SIM card, and we can replace it free of charge. If you don't have the same problem, then the issue is with the phone, and you may need to get it looked at.
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