Topping Up on Warehouse Mobile

There are loads of ways to top up on Warehouse Mobile:


Top up online. The chicks will love it. chicks

Log in to My Warehouse Mobile and top up online using an NZ credit card or Visa debit card.

Warehouse Mobile App

Smartphone users can top up using the Warehouse Mobile App:

Download the Android app here
Download the iPhone app here

Auto top up

So you never have to worry about running out of credit.

Login to My Warehouse Mobile and register your credit card and you can set up a monthly auto top up. Auto top up will let you top up $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $40 or $50 on a specific day every month.

Top up voucher

Buy a top up voucher in one of our 90+ stores, or from over 8000 locations (wherever you see the big Warehouse Mobile logo).

Phone top up

Free call 801 from your Warehouse Mobile and have a credit/debit card or voucher ready.

How long does a top up last?

90 days, or once you have used all of your credit.

What happens after 90 days if I have not used my credit?

Our credit has an expiry of 90 days. If you top up again within 90 days any unused credit will extend. Our top ups start from $5.

More about auto top ups

Simply set yourself up on My Warehouse Mobile, register your credit card and decide how much you want to automatically top up each month. Boom, like clockwork we will top up the account up automatically – and all accounts you have set up to auto top up. We’ll even send a text to each account to let them know, and an email to the credit card holder so everyone is kept up to date about their account.

There is a daily limit of $1,500 for monthly auto top ups and a maximum top up of $100 for each member. Only the holder of the registered credit card can change the monthly auto top up settings.

Changes are easy to make by visiting My Warehouse Mobile. If you have more questions about this service why not visit our FAQ’s.