Lost or stolen

Your number and credit

Firstly lets look to keep your number and credit – getting the SIM card sorted

  • Call us straight away on 0800 284 800 and we can suspend your account. This will stop anyone using your credit.
  • Now to keep your number you just need to get yourself a blank SIM (not a standard Warehouse Mobile SIM), and we'll move your old number and credit onto it. A blank SIM costs $4. You can pick one up from one of our 90+ stores.
  • Once you have this SIM, call us back to arrange moving your number and any remaining credit over.

Now your phone

Now the lets Block/Blacklist your lost or stolen handset

  • If you've lost or had your handset stolen and want it blocked from being used by someone else to use it on any network in New Zealand, we can have the handset blacklisted. The process is known as ‘IMEI blocking' and effectively blocks any device from being used on any NZ network. To blacklist or un-blacklist your handset you must call Customer Care on 0800 284 800.
  • IMEI Code required: We need to verify ownership of the handset through an IMEI code. IMEI codes should be on the phone's original packaging box (if you still have it). Alternatively you can call us and we may be able to help you find your IMEI number.
  • You can check to see if any handset has been blacklisted by texting ‘check' and the IMEI number to 255.
  • For more help and information with SIM cards, visit our SIM cards page.
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