FAQs – Data After Hours

When does Data After Hours start?

Starts 30th of October 2023, and ends 7th February 2024. Data will be applied to customers who bought their combo by midnight the day prior.

How much data will I receive?

Customers who were on an active combo by midnight the day prior, will receive Unlimited* data from 5pm- midnight every day. *Fair Use Policy applies.

Who is eligible?

Any Warehouse Mobile customer who is on an active combo, or had bought a combo by midnight the day prior.

How will I know I received the data?

If you log into your Warehouse Mobile account, you’ll notice your data balance will change to “Unlimited*” from 5pm- midnight. Your Rollover balance in this time will be frozen in place unless you hit our Fair Use Policy. We won’t send you any texts because we think that might get a bit much every day!

What happens if I hit the Fair Use Policy?

You’ll receive an SMS from us letting you know that you’re about to hit the Fair Use Policy and that you’ll be back to using your own data soon. The following day, you’ll be back to Free Unlimited* data.

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