Data After Dark Promotion Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions govern Warehouse Mobile’s Data After Hour Promotion (DaH Promotion). By participating in this Promotion, you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

  2. Warehouse Mobile reserves the right to cancel or amend this Promotion at any time without notice to you.

  3. If from 30 October until 7 February 2024 (Promotion Period) you have an active Warehouse Mobile combo, then you will be eligible for free Unlimited* data DaH sessions every night between 5pm – 12am during the Promotion Period (DaH).

  4. Your Combo must have been purchased by midnight the day before to be eligible for DaH the next evening.

  5. Fair Use Policy applies to Unlimited* data DaHs. If you near the Fair Use Policy threshold you’ll receive a text notifying you. Once you hit the Fair Use Policy threshold, you will switch back to you using your Combo allowance data until 5pm the following day. If you exceed your Combo data allowance your data will end outside of the hours of 5pm – 12am until you purchase more data.

  6. DaH starts on or around 5pm every night during the Promotion Period and ends on or around midnight each evening. Any unused DaHs do not carryover and immediately expire at 12am.

  7. Each DaH can only be used in New Zealand. If you cancel your eligible combo, you will not be eligible for this Promotion and any DaH that have not been activated prior to your cancellation.

  8. One Promotion per eligible combo/customer.

  9. DAH:

    1. is not available in conjunction with any other offer;

    2. is not transferable or exchangeable; and

    3. cannot be taken as cash or any other form of value.

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