Last updated: 19 November 2015

Transfer your number terms & conditions

  1. I confirm that I have the authority to request the porting of the number referred to in this Number Porting Authorisation Form.

  2. I understand that:
    1. I am porting the number I have recorded in this form from my existing provider to Warehouse Mobile, provided by Two Degrees Mobile Limited (Warehouse Mobile).

    2. I must use a GSM compatible handset to receive services from Warehouse Mobile.

    3. By porting the number above to Warehouse Mobile my current service will be disconnected and my account with my existing provider may be finalised.

    4. I may continue to have outstanding obligations to my existing provider. It is my responsibility to check the terms and conditions of my contract with the existing provider, in relation to the number I wish to port, to find out if I have any outstanding obligations to the provider and to discharge such obligations.

    5. Porting my number could incur additional costs or obligations to my existing provider, including early termination fees and/or porting fees.

    6. After porting my number to Warehouse Mobile some of the services I currently receive may not be supported by Warehouse Mobile, or may be accessed in a different way.

  3. I am further aware that:

    1. If I change my request to port my number at any time it may affect the date the port is completed.

    2. Once the number porting process has started it must be completed.

    3. If I want to make any changes to part, or all, of my original port request after the porting process has begun, a new port request is required.

    4. This Number Porting Authorisation Form is valid for 30 days from the date it is submitted.

    5. Warehouse Mobile is not obliged to accept my porting request.

    6. Warehouse Mobile will supply information from this Form to my existing provider in the porting number process.

    7. The information provided by me in relation to this porting request may be used for the delivery of services, fault management and handling any complaints I make. The information may also be provided to emergency services and as lawfully required by law enforcement agencies.

    8. Warehouse Mobile will not be liable for any loss or damage (direct or indirect) resulting from failure or delay in the porting process.

    9. After I have ported my number any pre pay credit balances with my existing provider may be lost.

  4. I authorise Warehouse Mobile to port my number listed above from my existing provider to Warehouse Mobile.

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