Texting issues

Sending and receiving texts (SMS) may be a problem for customers from time to time. Texts can fail for a number of reasons and can happen on any network.

Texts problems and solutions

The common reasons are: No network coverage, Phone not connecting to the network properly, Not enough credit, Overloaded network, Phone software fault and Full in or sent mailbox.


If you’re having problems sending or receiving texts try the following:

  • Start by rebooting your phone (turn it off for 1 minute). This normally reconnects your phone to the network.
  • Check your SMSC (Service Centre)
  • For non Smartphones: number is +64220227672 in Message Settings under Message Centre,
  • Smartphones: dial *#*#4636#*#* then:
  • Click on Phone Information
  • Scroll down to SMSC: and click on Refresh and ' +64220227672 should appear. If not enter the number as shown and click Update
  • Turn the phone off then on and try again
  • If you still can’t send or receive you may have a corrupt message and need to delete some or all of your texts