Our Pricing

Use our low everyday casual rates or for even better value choose one of our Pick’n Go Packs or Combos


From August our casual rates will change to: calls 8c p/min, texts 8c p/txt and data 8c p/MB

Pick’n Go Combos (includes Bonus 1GB Data)

w815 wm promo 12 760x401 w815 wm promo 16 760x400 w815 wm promo 35 760x400

Low Everyday NZ Rates

Top ups start from just $5 and have a validity of 90 days.

Rates Text 2c2x2 Rates Talk 4c2x2 wm 6 cents device

For calls and texts made from NZ and data used in NZ only. Excludes premium rate numbers. ^90 Day Roll Over Credit — Top up again within 90 days, any unused credit will be extended

Pick'n Go packs

Pick’n Go packs are valid for 31 days (unless used prior)

Text 4d2x 1 mins Data 4d2x 1 Data 8d2x 1 Data 30d2x 1

31 Day Roll Over Data — At the end of 31 days any unused data can roll over for up to 90 days. Just purchase another data pack prior to expiry *Fair use policy applies.

How to buy Pick'n Go packs

Or log in to My Warehouse Mobile or Warehouse Mobile App to purchase Pick'n Go packs


For $4 Talk Pack Text 'Buy 4Talk' to 801
For $4 Text Pack Text 'Buy 4Text' to 801
For $4 Data Pack Text 'Buy 4Data' to 801
For $8 Data Pack Text 'Buy 8Data' to 801
For $30 Data Pack Text 'Buy 30Data' to 801

How to buy Pick'n Go Combos

For $12 Pack Text 'Buy 12COMBO' to 801
For $16 Pack Text 'Buy 16COMBO' to 801
For $38 Pack Text 'Buy 38COMBO' to 801

Other Rates