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Use our low everyday casual rates or for even better value choose one of our Pick’n Go Packs or Combos

Pick'n Go Combos

combo 122x7 combo 162x5 combo 322x5

Low Everyday NZ Rates

Top ups start from just $10 and have a validity of 90 days.

Rates Text 2c2x2 Rates Talk 4c2x2 Rates Data 6c2x2

For calls and texts made from NZ and data used in NZ only. Excludes premium rate numbers. ^90 Day Roll Over Credit — Top up again within 90 days, any unused credit will be extended

Pick'n Go packs

Pick’n Go packs are valid for 31 days (unless used prior)

Text 4d2x 1 Talk 4d2x 1 Data 4d2x 1 Data 8d2x 1 Data 30d2x 1

31 Day Roll Over Data — At the end of 31 days any unused data can roll over for up to 90 days. Just purchase another data pack prior to expiry *Fair use policy applies.

How to buy Pick'n Go packs

Or log in to My Warehouse Mobile or Warehouse Mobile App to purchase Pick'n Go packs


For $4 Talk Pack Text 'Buy 4Talk' to 801
For $4 Text Pack Text 'Buy 4Text' to 801
For $4 Data Pack Text 'Buy 4Data' to 801
For $8 Data Pack Text 'Buy 8Data' to 801
For $30 Data Pack Text 'Buy 30Data' to 801

How to buy Pick'n Go Combos

For $12 Pack Text 'Buy 12COMBO' to 801
For $16 Pack Text 'Buy 16COMBO' to 801
For $38 Pack Text 'Buy 38COMBO' to 801

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